Sunday, August 3, 2014

DrupalCamp Colorado 2014: Day 2

The turnout was nothing like the first day, whether it was because the other developers were up all night drinking, spending the whole night trying out some of the new skills and tools try learned about on the first day, or there just wasn't as many interesting topics to attend the second day.

Keynote today was Ken Rickard @agentrickard, speaking about Enterprise Drupal. Ken is the director of Development and Professional Services at Palantir

What is enterprise?
  • generally mean corporate - lots of stakeholders involved. 
  • you are considered a change agent, the one that is needed in order to create change in the agency. 
  • often international
  • large org
  • multiple stakeholders
  • capital investment
  • legacy dependencies
  • international scope
  • multiple properties 
  • high level of quality assurance required
  • many large enterprise companies use 3rd parties like Oracle to handle data, which is very difficult to interact with
  • poor APIs due to responsibility concerns
  • Open Source still get a bad wrap
  • protect existing process
  • security/ scalability
  • future proof
  • vendor confidence
  • revenue or cost saving
  • protecting investments 
  • silos
  • highest paid persons opinion (hppo)
  • aspirational ideas

  • task is to find unique talent that you can bring to org
  • help find the proper people to be in room
  • schedules - very important, set milestones
  • clear boundaries on roles and decisions
  • don't assume everyone is the same, where all the skills, who are the blockers.
  • find the vision
  • focus on adding values
  • engage people

What do they need
  • project management
  • long term/ short term needs
  • gap filling

Strategic services
  • technical architecture
  • content strategy
  • data migration
  • Project management
  • Systems integration
  • Security review
And now onto the today's sessions. The morning looks like a couple interesting topics. As for the the afternoon... not a lot happening. I will post my session notes soon.


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