Sunday, August 3, 2014

DrupalCamp Colorado 2014: Day 2

The turnout was nothing like the first day, whether it was because the other developers were up all night drinking, spending the whole night trying out some of the new skills and tools try learned about on the first day, or there just wasn't as many interesting topics to attend the second day.

DrupalCamp Colorado 2014: Day 1 Session Notes - Part 2

Session 3: Intro to Front-End Ops

Presenter: Ryan McVeigh @rymcveigh

Very interesting and funny presenter. Was very energetic about the different libraries that you can use to help improve your daily tasks.

  • Speed is the metric we measure by
  • Speed of application (app or web page)
  • Speed of tools
  • Speed of the development

DrupalCamp Colorado 2014: Day 1 Session Notes - Part 1

The following are my notes from the sessions I attended on my first day at DrupalCamp Colorado. Don't take these notes as direct quotes from either the presenter or the lecture as I paraphrased a lot of it and also my knowledge of what was being presented may have been limited (such as in the Front-End Ops session).

DrupalCamp Colorado 2014: Intro to my first day

I was lucky enough to be able to attend this years DrupalCamp Colorado due to the support by the Collaborative for Educational Services ( where I am also a full-time web developer. 

The day started off with a huge turnout of fellow Drupal enthusiasts. This was my first Drupal conference, and I was immediately amazed by the positive attitude and friendliness of the crew and the attendees.

The amount of talent here is staggering. Drupal has been around since 2001 (technically) and is now working on releasing it’s 8th major version, but seeing what these fellow developers have both contributed to the Drupal community and to their clients, is absolutely amazing.